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Superior Component Protection

In the world of manufacturing and repair, safeguarding components during various processes is crucial to minimize rework and scrap. Our company specializes in creating a diverse range of part protection masks to tackle these challenges, thereby boosting productivity. Our masks, crafted from high-quality materials like silicone, urethane, and various plastics, are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each process.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of applications, including thermal spray, shot peening, grit blasting, stripping, painting, and general safety. By integrating advanced 3D modeling and printing techniques, we ensure the development of precision tooling that aligns perfectly with our customers' unique specifications.

Masking for Plasma Spray.png

Enhanced Thermal Spray Protection

Recognizing the widespread use of thermal spray processing across numerous industries, particularly in the manufacturing and maintenance of gas turbine components, we offer specialized masking solutions. Our process involves unique 3D design and manufacturing techniques to guarantee exact fits for all coating procedures. These custom masks enhance quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and throughput while reducing labor-intensive practices, ensuring precise and repeatable results.

Customized Solutions for Tumbling, Blasting, and Shot Peening

Our shot peening masks are designed for a perfect fit with each part, ensuring effortless assembly and installation. We offer additional customization for multi-operation peening, enabling selective area exposure as required. This customization ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the specific needs of each application, ensuring optimal protection and process efficiency.

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