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Cast Reusable Silicone Vacuum Bags

Our Patented cast silicone system produces the highest quality reusable vacuum bags, cauls, intensifiers, and mandrels for advanced manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • Cast silicone vacuum bags offer the greatest process reliability for high production composite parts

  • Once tooling is made 24-48 hour lead time per part

  • Parts are designed in CAD and molded in closed cavity molds allowing for precision fit

  • Vacuum bag thickness is tightly controlled via CAD model

    • Thickness can vary throughout the vacuum bag if required for consolidation

  • Cast vacuum bags are designed for the toughest autoclave environments

  • Cast silicone vacuum bag can be made without frames

  • Highly complex shapes, undercuts are easily molded

  • Complex caul/intensifiers/silicone mandrels are easily molded to exact requirements

Casting Capacity

  • Small parts measured in grams

  • Large individual silicone cast parts weighting as much as 1000 lbs. or more

  • Project management for large program requirements 

  • 25,000 Sq. feet manufacturing space

  • Overhead cranes for large molds/tooling

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