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RTM Silicone Bladders

  • Near Net CAD designed Silicone Bladder

  • Variable bladder thickness, creating increased compaction zones

  • Bladders for the VARTM/RTM composite parts

  • Inflation pressures up to 400PSI at VARTM temperatures

  • Allows for molding of undercutting features that cannot be done using traditional tooling methods

  • Compaction controllability using bladder inflation pressures

 Our customers use our RTM bladders for commercial engine variable bleed valve ducting, flight control surfaces,     and several other structural composite engine components. RTM Bladders can be used for parts that steel               male mandrels would be too difficult to manufacture or too costly. Industrial Tech can offer assistance in the             RTM tooling design to ensure our silicone bladders will have the highest performance and functionality. 

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